Historic Enterprises
These are our friends Jeff and Gwen from whom we get the majority of our gear. Everything they make and sell is of the finest quality and stringently researched and documented.
Go there and buy stuff :-)

Outstanding supplier of high quality goods of varying accuracy. Excellent books too!

Excellent customer service, quality goods.

A great source for hardwood practice wasters

More than just tents. A great source for a variety of reenactment goods.

Similar Groups

Company Name: Period of Interest:
    1189 to 1216
    1337 to 1453
    1350 to 1400
    1370 to 1420
    1460 to 1480
    1460 to 1480
    1470 to 1475
    1471 to 1477
    late 15th
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Historic/Research Links

King Rene's Book of the Tournament

Though it's a bit later than our period of interest, it still makes for some good reading :-)

Tourney at Smithfield, London, 1390

Tourney at St. Inglevert, 1390, near Calais

Paris Tourney

St. Inglevert tourney participants:

Jean le Meingre, also called Marshall Boucicault (the younger) (1366-1421)
Regnault (Renaud) de Roye (still looking for links...)
Sieur (Jean) de Saimpy (still looking for links...)

Friends and Associates

Master Hogge's Gode Cookery Website.

The International Jousting Association

Home of the beautiful Gypsy horses we love so much

Kyngesbridge, an SCA household to which many of our members belong

This is the place to go for ground combat information

Other Links of Possible Interest

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