Some examples of our contests:

Contest Max Pts Avg. Pts Method
Quintain 4~5 2~3 1 point per 1/2 rotation
Rings 18 6 3 successive T-racks with 3 different sized rings on each arm, leaving the choice to the rider.
Ring point values based on size (6"=1 pt., 4"=2 pts., 2"=3 pts.)
Spear 15 7 Close range: spear is thrown at target while passing by the target.
Long range: spear is thrown prior to reaching a preset distance from the target.
Target is a standard, 5-ring archery target. Best score after three spears wins.
Gauntlet n/a n/a A single pass at some combination of the above three contests performed in sequence, the entirety of which must be completed in less than 60 seconds. Bonus point added for each second under 60. Click for Course Example and Score Sheet
Joust 18 5~6
Touch +1
Solid hit to target area (broken tip) +2
Strong hit to target area (shattered tip) +3
Failure to present shield -1
Failure to canter or gallop -1
Throwing a lance (at any time) -1
Striking opponent (w/out 1st hitting shield) -1
Striking the tilt (w/ horse or lance)
(1st time) -1
(2nd time) -2
(3rd time) DQ
Directly striking a horse (or saddle) DQ

Best score (without disqualifying) after three successful passes (lances) wins. In the event of a tie score the victor will be determined by an additional pass. Tie-breaking passes will continue until a clear victor has been determined.

N.B. A successful pass is one in which both competitors are sufficiently prepared for engagement and targeting attempts are made. Courtesy and measuring passes do not constitute a successful pass.

Footed Combat n/a n/a Foot combat will be held as a separate category within the tournament.

Footed Combat

We train and compete in the arts of footed combat. The format may be one of counted blows, or of submission. The armor and weapon requirements are covered below. The entire body is considered a legal target area and we fight at full speed and force. However, it is important to keep in mind that we are all friends and we have no desire to seriously injure one another so we must always try to observe the credo that "everyone remains friends, and no one spends the night in the hospital" (thank you Dog Brothers.) As there are no awards or accolades other than the respect and admiration we hold for one another this is easy to observe.