As we prepare for this season's tournaments we will need to secure the proper financing for such an undertaking.

With great happiness we were informed of the offer of contribution to this Enterprise from the Great Lord of Coucy. He has arranged for the Knights of this grand Company to visit the Chateau de Coucy just north of Soissons.

The snow in the valley is melting but in the higher regions it remains. The weather is not as cold these last few days and for this we are relieved. It is now March and almost a year since the great tournament at Calais before St. Ingelevert Abbey and we are excited to spend this coming summer in the lists as we have been given leave to do.

We are followed by a retinue of men who would liken themselves to the Free Companies of our recent past. We think they are under a man formerly of England and not welcome here in France, Roger Morey. He is a dreadful man and holds no principal close other than the filling of his purse. His men call him their captain and are lawless. So we must needs travel well-armed and prepared to repel any attack that he and his brigands may possibly bring against us.

Here we set up a small camp with meager lodging so that the retinue, and our horses, may find some rest...

Out for water
A conversation by the stream
Camp chores
The Lord of Berchtesgaden accompanies the hunt
Bertrand, The Seigneur de Beaumanoir
A nice warm supper
A fine campaign table
Some small merriment in camp
Ladies at the fire
Michael, the Sire du Bois de Nord
Henri, Chevalier d'Eu
Care for the horses
Beaumanoir and Eu discuss the possible threat of an assault
Robert preparing for sentry duty
Company Knights inventory armor